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Debt Collectors IrelandAs the global and Irish economies become increasingly unstable, so the need to collect on monies owed to companies and individuals becomes more important. Cash flow is frequently the factor by which companies stand or fall and with debtors proving less willing or able to pay, there is an increasing need to pass accounts over to a third party. The agencies listed on are all professionally licensed companies with outstanding experience in this field. Find your specialist provider or nearest agency here.

Debt Collection solicitors

Debt Collection solicitorsSpecialising in all legal aspects of debt collection, the solicitors listed on are all experienced in pursuing debts through court action. Following a standard procedure of the issue of letters before court action and judgement and execution, our suppliers handle all aspects of commercial and private bad debt. Many operate on a no collection / no fee basis but we recommend that you compare and contrast services, terms and conditions.

Debt Collection agencies

Debt collection agenciesApplying a more direct approach, debt collection agencies are your direct route to recovering bad debt. They will use a number of different methods and always seek to gain an agreement between yourself and the debtor that enables the latter to meet at least some of their obligation. Hiring a third party to collect monies on your behalf may be a last resort but it can ease cash flow problems for small business and re-introduce liquidity into your finances. Our collection agencies all work to best debt collection practice.

Debt collection letters

Debt collection lettersA well written debt collection letter can often be the key to recovering a bad debt, bringing the situation to the attention before the need for legal proceedings or doorstep collections. The debt collection letter specialists listed on are able to apply the perfect solution to each individual case, adopting an approach with a proven success rate. Contact your local debt collection expert today to discuss the options open to you.

Debt collection procedures

Debt collection proceduresAll the debt collection agencies featured on fully apply with best practice for the industry. Regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they undertake to treat all debtors fairly and not to harass or intimidate them in anyway. By producing accurate and fair debt collection letters, most bad debts can be collected in the short term. As a client you can contact one of our debt collection agencies safe in the knowledge that they will represent you in an honest and legal manner.

Debt collect jobs

Debt collect jobs The debt collection sector is a constantly growing one and as such there are increased employment opportunities. Click here to find the latest vacancies in a number of sectors Ė legal, administration, accounting, advisory and counselling. Debt collection agencies can also advertise your vacancies here.

Are you a debt collection agency?

Are you a debt collection agency? is the number one online resource for businesses and individuals looking for a workable bad debt solution. Donít miss the perfect opportunity to bring your company to the attention of thousands of potential new clients. The site enables users to find facilities in their local area, helping you build a readymade customer base on your doorstep. Register here today.